10+ Best Websites to Send Free SMS in India

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Want to save your money in festive season by sending free Sms?
If you have been looking out for websites to send free SMS across India, you might have come across a hundred of websites that offer SMS services, in the search results. In most of the cases, you would have to either pay money for availing the service or buy credits for SMS.
Best Sites to Send Free SMS in Assam
There exists many websites that offer the service for free. Here is a list of bests:
This website is very popular today owing to its features. It allows users to send 80 characters long message. It also gives advertisers an option of 80 characters long advertisement in every message.
This website, started in 2006, has got a big user base and attracts about 26 lakhs of users every day. It is better than 160by2 as it supports 92 characters of text messages. It also allows you to get email alerts.
Google SMS Channel
This service from Google allows users to register their mobile numbers and send free SMS after creating a channel.
This website allows users to send up to 160 characters of message. It also has attractive schemes to win awards and money.
A social messaging service that allows sharing and connection between friends or fans, apart from sending free interactive messages.
6. SMS440 :
Earlier known as Sms7. in now it is Sms440.com. It can send Sms up to 440 characters, the highest one. Give a try to this service if you want to send long messages.
Ibibo’s iSMS service allows users to link their mobile phones to their respective ibibo accounts. Apart from free SMS, it also allows them to make free phone calls.
8. SMSfi.com
An interactive site, this site offers free SMS service. Apart from that, it also has greetings, videos, games and news among others.
This service is also quite popular since the website is a social networking site targeted towards youngsters. It allows users to send up to 140 characters of message.
This site also offers free SMS service across India. Apart from that, it also has E-Cards, SMS collection, horoscopes, entertainment news and games.
11. Jaxtr:
Jaxtr can send message internationally too. Beside free messages, they offer free calls to a wide range of countries that distinguishes them from other free sms sending websites.
12. Site2sms :
This website can send SMS up to 260 characters. It also works fine and is reliable. It serves both group and quick SMS.
These are the best sites to send free SMS. Do you know any other good sites to send free SMS online in India? If yes, share with us.

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