Ajeyo (Invincible), A New Fim by Jahnu Barua

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Ajeyo (Invincible), a new Assamese film directed by acclaimed movie director Jahnu Barua is going to release on 27thDecember 2013. Produced under the banner of Shiven Arts, Ajeyo is based on a novel The Hues of Blessings by Arun Sarma.


The Cast of the Film- Rupam Riyan Deka, Bishnu Kharghoria, Kapil Bora, Jupitora Bhuyan, Rimpi Das, Munmi Kalita. Music is by Dhrubajyoti Phukan.

The story of Ajeyo takes place, close to the border of today’s Bangladesh where Hindus and Muslims live separate lives in the rural village, and everyone is carefully pigeonholed by caste. Gojen Koet (Rupam Riyan Deka) is an angry young man who lives with his grandmother; though he dropped out of school, he tutors the no-caste Muslim girl Hasina (Jupitora Bhuyan). He supports Gandhi and believes that once India becomes independent, social injustice will end. The overuse of flashbacks in the early scenes makes it hard to decipher the great trauma of his life — when he failed to arrive on time to cancel a pro-independence demonstration and two protestors were killed by the police as a result of his tardiness.


Most of the film involves Gojen’s defiant rebellion of the richest man in town, who sees Partition as an opportunity for land-grabbing. Gojen is also dead set against caste restrictions and child marriage. He helps a Brahmin girl, widowed at age 18, to elope with a decent fellow against the wishes of her father, a bizarre temple priest.

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