Assam Government Holiday List 2016

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First of all, we wish all the readers and people of Assam, a very Happy New Year 2016 on behalf our Assam Online Portal team. May the coming new year bring you all the happiness in your life and work.

Assam Government Holiday List 2016

Now, like previous years, today we are going to publish the holiday list of Government of Assam for the year 2016. The Govt. of Assam has recently published the list of holidays for the offices under the Government of Assam for the year 2016 against Ref: Govt. of Assam No. GAG (A) 139/2015/81-83 dated 16-12-2015.

The detailed Assam Government Holiday List 2016 is listed below:-

Gregorian Calender National Calender(Saka Era) Days of the Week Name of Festival
15th &16th January 25th Pausa & 26 Pausa (1937 S.E) Friday& Saturday Magh Bihu and Tusu Puja
23rd January 3rd Magha Saturday Netaji’s Birthday
26th January 6th Magha Tuesday Republic Day
31st January 11th Magha Sunday Me-Dum-Me-Phi
22nd February 3rd Phalguna Monday Bir Chilarai Divas
23rd March 3rd Chaitra(1937 S.E) Wednesday Dol Jatra
25th March 5th Chaitra Friday Good Friday
13th,14th &15th April 24th,25th & 26th Chaitra Wednesday,Thursday & Friday Bohag Bihu
1st May 11th Vaishaka Sunday May Day
7th May 17th Vaishaka Saturday Tithi of Damodar Dev
21st May 31st Vaishaka Saturday Buddha Purnima
22nd May 1st Jyestha Sunday Janmotsav of Sri Sri Madhav Dev
6th July 15th Ashadha Wednesday Id-Ul-Fitre
15th August 24th Sravana Monday Independance Day
22th August 31st Sravana Monday Tithi of Sri Sri Madhav Dev
25th August 3rd Bhadra Thursday Janmastami
3rd September 12th Bhadra Saturday Tithi of Shrimanta Shankar Dev
12 th September 21 th Bhadra Monday Id-Uz-Zuha
2nd October 10th Asvina Sunday Birth Day of Mahatma Gandhia
8th, 9th,10th & 11th October 16th,17th,18th & 19th Asvina Saturday,Sunday,Monday & Tuesday Durga Puja,Vijoya Dashami &

Janmatsav of Shrimanta Shankar Dev

29th October 7th Kartika Saturday Kali Puja and Diwali
6th November 15th Kartika Sunday Chhat Puja
14th November 23rd Kartika Monday Guru Nanak’s Birth Day
24th November 3rd Agrahayana Thursday Lachit Divas
 2nd December  11th Agrahayana Friday Asom Divas (Su-Kha-Pha Divas)
25th December 4th Pausa Sunday Christmas Day

In addition to the above, half holidays are also declared (i.e. official duty time up to 01:00 PM) on the following days in the year 2016:

Sl No Date Occasion
1 12th October Muharram
2 15th October Lakshmi Puja
3 17th October  Kati Biu

Besides, the employees will be able to avail at least 2 (two) Restricted Holiday as notified by the Assam Government for the year 2016.

Gregorian Calender Days of the Week Name of Festival
1st January 2016 Friday New year’s Day
17th January 2016 Sunday Silpi Divas
22nd January Friday Fateha-EDwaj Daham
26th January Tuesday Gwther Bathaw San
17th February Wednesay day Ali-Aye-Ligang
7th March Monday Sivaratri
21st March Monday Bathow Puja/Khring Khring Baithow Puja
26th March Saturday Easter Saturday
2oth April Wednesday Deori Bihu, Sati Sadhini Divas & Mahavir Jayanti
12th May Thursday Tithi of Gopal Dev
21 st May Saturday Baikhowa Festival
23rd May Monday Sabebarat
4th June Saturday Tithi of Hari Dev
20th June Monday Death Anniversary of Sri Bishnu Prasad Rabha
3rd July Sunday Lailatur kadar
13th July Wednesday Birthday of Nepali Kabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya
13th August Saturday Death Anniversary of Bir Tikendrajit
13th September Tuesday Karam Puja
15th September Thursday Birthday of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra
1st November Tuesday Abirbhab Tithi of Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur & Bhatri Dwitia
24th November Thursday Death Anniversary of Guru Tej Bahadurji
9th December Friday Gaan Ngai
10th December Saturday Martyr’s Day
24th December Saturday Christmas Eve


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