Boori Boot Festival, Arunachal Pradesh

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Boori Boot Festival of Arunachal Pradesh is mainly celebrated by the Hill-Miris. The festival falls between 4 and 6 February each and every year.

Boori Boot Festival

Boori Boot means to get together to hail the spring and successful harvest. Another aspect of Boori Boot is that the consecrated soul that belongs to Boori Boot is summoned who is known to sanctify people. The masses pray for prosperity and also effective shielding from even the cursed shadows of fatal ailments that sometimes ravage village after village in a killing.

This festival essentially involves the assemblage of mammoth fractions of people of virtually all the adjoining areas. Basically, the Boori Boot is such a festival, which does not lay any sort of stress on cast, creed, age and sex of the participating individuals.

The young participants shoulder the responsibility of completing all the tasks related to the successful completion of this event under the elders’ guidance. The high priest who is known by the name of ‘Nibu’ performs rituals as well as conduct sacrifice.

Another facet of Boori Boot is the custom in which the villagers apply ‘etting’ on the bodies of their contemporaries. This merry fiesta continues for a period of three days during which the people enjoy to their heart’s content.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr.

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