One Last Question : A film on Assam Militancy and Hope

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One Last Question is a film about four friends tempted to join an extremist group in Agia, Assam and see them find a better way. The 40 minute long film is written and directed by Prathamesh Krisang. Prathmesh Krisang is a Pune based self-taught filmmaker. One Last Question is his first brain child as a medium length motion picture; and he is the Director, Screenplay Writer and DOP of the film.


Based on a true story, the film revolves around 15-year old Tultul and his three friends. They are inspired to join an extremist group which has been fighting to gain independence from the Republic of India. But above all, the story is about HOPE. It’s about Tultul’s father guiding him by informing him of a better way.


The plot is based on the real life-story of a young man from Assam, named Manjit Nath, who had been on the verge of turning into a militant. While touching the underlying issues of armed rebellions, teen militants and importance of education as an agent of change, the attempts to drive home the point that – there is a better way than militancy in which one can help one’s community prosper.

The One Last Question team has auditioned more than 200 kids from the village of Agia before finalizing the four main characters. The film is also supported by internationally acclaimed theatre director from Assam, Mr.Sukracharya Rabha. Incidentally, veteran actor Adil Hussain, who has worked in movies like Lootera, Ishqiya, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Life of Pi is playing the role of the father (Deuta) of Tultul in the film.

One Last Question

The shooting was done in real locations where the actual story actually took place – the Agia Village in the Goalpara District of Assam. The film is funded by crowd, hence the tagline, “a film by a lot of people.” More than 5 lakhs has been collected through wiseberry.

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