Orunasol Man : Arunachal’s First Super Hero

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Orunasol Man Superhero Comic

Orunasol Man! Yes, Arunachal Pradesh has got it’s first super hero in the form of Orunasol Man : “bina superpower wala superhero”!! “How to save Arunachal” is the motto of  Orunasol Man.

Orunasol Man

Photographer and comic scribbler Jees George, originally from Kochi(Kerala) and currently residing in Itanagar, created the Orunachal Man series in cartoon strips. Last month, he released the superhero fan video “Arunachal reacts to Orunasol Man” on YouTube.

Till now, Orunasol Man mostly represents all of the socio-issues that everyone faces in Arunachal Pradesh in a lively way.

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