Prof. Shikhar Sarma elected as Board Member of Global Wordnet

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The general body of the Global Wordnet Association, in its meeting held during the 7th Global Wordnet Conference at University of Tartu, Estonia, (25th to 29th January, 2014), elected Prof. Shikhar Sarma, Gauhati University as one of new Board Members of Global Wordnet Association for the two years tenure: 2014-16.

Dr Shikhar Kr. Sarma

Prof. Shikhar Sarma and his group of language technology researchers at Gauhati University are developing the Assamese and BodoWordnets, and have already developed the Assamese and Bodo Wordnets linking more than 50 thousand words to the global Wordnet Networks, which is available in the Global Grid as well as in the Indo-Wordnet digital storage.

Global Wordnet Association is the international forum of Wordnet and Language Technology researchers, who are building the Wordnet of languages worldwide, and linking together under one umbrella. Wordnet is the lexical resources of a Language, storing words of the language in digital format, with set of synonymous words, description of the concept and meaning of the words, as well as example sentences using the words. Global Wordnet is the massive effort of networking of words of worldwide languages together, in the digital platform and over the internet, building a powerful resource for the world community


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