Sahitya Akademi Award for Anil Kumar Bodo

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Famous poet and Assistant Professor, Department of Folklore of Gauhati University Anil Kumar Bodo has been awarded prestigious Sahitya Akademi Awards 2013 for Bodo literature.

Poet Bodo is awarded for his poetry collection “Delphini Onthai Mwdai Arw Gubun Gubun Khonthai”.

Anil Kumar Bodo

Incidently, an overwhelming number of Sahitya Akademi Awards 2013, have been bagged by poets. Other famous poets honoured with the Award for the year 2013 are Subodh Sarkar (Bengali), Sitaram Sapolia (Dogri), Ambika Dutt (Rajasthani), Radhakant Thakur (Sanskrit), Arjun Charan Hembram (Santali), Namdev Tarachandani (Sindhi) and Javed Akhtar (Urdu).

The well-known novelists Mridula Garg (Hindi), Manmohan (Punjabi) and R.N. Joe D’ Cruz (Tamil) are among those honoured with the Sahitya Akademi Awards 2013.

C.N. Ramachandran (Kannada), Tukaram Rama Shet (Konkani), Satish Kalasekar (Marathi), and Katyayani Vidmahe (Telugu) have got the Award for their books of essays. Temsula Ao (English) and Mohi-ud- Din Reshi (Kashmiri) have got the Award for their books of short stories; Makhonmani Mongsaba (Manipuri) and Man Bahadur Pradhan (Nepali) have got the Award for their travelogues. M.N. Paloor (Malayalam) for his autobiography, Sureshwar Jha (Maithili) for his memoirs and Bijoy Misra (Odia) for his play has been honoured.

Assamese and Gujarati language awards will be declared later on.

The Award in the form of a casket containing an engraved copper plaque, a shawl and a cheque of 1,00,000/- will be presented to the authors of these books at a special function to be held on 11 March 2014 at New Delhi during the Festival of Letters organized by Sahitya Akademi.


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