Steps to Take when You lose Your SIM Card

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Like any other household items, you may lose your SIM card: either you lose your mobile phone resulting loss of your SIM card or it may be damaged or in worst cases your mobile (SIM) may be a victim of a thief.


Before talking about what we should do when we lose our SIM, lets me just give you two basic tips:

  • Synchronize or back up your contact list with your laptop or computer; so that in case you lose your SIM, you can retrieve your contacts easily
  • Never store your financial or personal information in your mobile; which may be used by hackers to defame you or to cause you monetary loss.

Let’s now talk about what to do when you lose your SIM.

  • Call your customer care of particular operator to block your lost SIM.
  • Rush to the nearest police station to file a FIR about your stolen or lost SIM. This will help you to get rid of any misuse of lost SIM and help you to get a duplicate SIM.
  • In case of lost SIM, you need to submit following items generally with the operator to get a duplicate SIM: FIR Report, ID proof, Address proof, photo and a nominal fee.
  • If your SIM got damaged, then you need to deposit your old SIM along with above documents except FIR report.

So, these steps will help you when your SIM is in danger!

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