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Do you want to write in www.assamportal.com ? If your answer is Yes !, then send your articles to assamportal@gmail.com 

Also, however minimal, we pay too for your hard work. 

Here’s some guidelines for your ready reference.

1. All written work should be in English. Article should not be published in any online platform earlier.

2. If you write in a language other than English and are interested in sending your work to us, please translate it or find someone to translate it.

3. Stop refraining from copying another’s work.

4. The article must accompany a title not more than 120 characters.

5. A short profile of the writer with photograph is also required.

6. Use of visual media is appreciated in image and video format.

7. Do not Paste pictures in the document. Please send them in a zipped folder. Also give proper credit to photographers.

8. No pornography, violence, racial abuse, biased, defaming or insulting topics/ articles.

9. Please check your article for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.

10. Decision of the editor is final in all aspects.

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