Zatraa – Towards Destiny : New Assamese Film by JEC students

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Zatraa – towards Destiny is a new Assamese Film set to release on 11th July in theatres all over Assam. Interestingly the film is made by a group of students from Jorhat Engineering College (JEC). Cultural Minister of State Government Pranati Phookan has already officially permitted the film to release over the cinemas.

Zatraa - Towards Destiny

Kaushik Bora, a final year student of JEC who has a childhood dream to make a film, made this film possible turning his dream into a reality. Kaushik with the screenplay from Nayan Jyoti Kashyap along with director Pranjal Bora take care of core concepts of Zatraa.

Zatraa - towards Destiny Team

The story of Zatraa revolves around the college life, friendship, fun and all the other crazy things that happen in the four years of an Engineering College. It depicts the story of a guy coming from a poor background, his struggle to survive the situations and winning the love and support of his friends.

Zatraa - towards Destiny Shooting

The cast includes Manas Gogoi and Debojani Bora, the final year students in the lead role. In the team except the screenwriter Nayan Jyoti Kashyap, all others are students from Jorhat Engineering College. Popular singer Angarag Mahanta is also playing a guest appearance in the film. Other casts are Niyanta, Rajnishan, Debashis, Abhinandan, Kankana, Arindam and Armeen.

Best wishes Guys !

P.S: I’m very happy to be a JEC alumni .

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