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Kaziranga national park, Assam

Save Our Rhinos from Menace of Poaching

According to a Karbi legend, the one horned rhino or the ‘Kindu’ was brought from heaven by the angels Kajir Ronghangpi and Sarsomon Ronghang. The rhino was brought to help the people on earth to survive and plough the land. There is no doubt that the majestic animal the towering and beautiful animal is a […]

Papon Recites a Poem

Papon Recites a Poem for the First Time

Angaraag Papon Mahanta, the Assamese Musical sensation and son of the Bihu Samrat Khagen Mahanta recently has lent his voice to ‘Akou Edin’, a romantic poem for Hengool Theatre’s upcoming play with the same title. This poem is an integral part of the play ‘Akou Edin’ which is to be staged by Hengool Theatre this […]

One Last Question

One Last Question : A film on Assam Militancy and Hope

One Last Question is a film about four friends tempted to join an extremist group in Agia, Assam and see them find a better way. The 40 minute long film is written and directed by Prathamesh Krisang. Prathmesh Krisang is a Pune based self-taught filmmaker. One Last Question is his first brain child as a medium length motion picture; and he is the […]